1. C) 1980s
  2. D) 1990s
  3. B) 1970s
  4. D) 1990s

5.1 NC: You may not use the work for commercial purposes.

5.2 SA: You must convey the same rights “downstream” that were conveyed to you by “upstream”.

5.3 ND: You may not make changes to the work.

5.4 BY: You must attribute the contributions of the original or upstream creators of the work.

  1. Restrictions on commercial use
  2. Giving the same freedoms to downstream works.

8.1 Creative Commons: A repository of open content. Mostly creative works such as art, music and books.

8.2 Project Gutenberg: Digitized books.

9.1 Read

9.2 Revise

9.3 Redistribute

9.4 Run

Written on April 25, 2018