Why I Love FOSS and Where It Started

From where I started with FOSS to where I am today with my involvement in the Fedora Project, maintaining TigerOS and enrolled in HFOSS, it has been a long and interesting journey. A journey which I hope continues and evolves as I move on to the next stage of my life. This is where my life in FOSS began.

I was introduced to Linux by a friend in high school when I complained to him about the performance of my aging computer running Windows XP. I began by dual booting Ubuntu and then switched to using it full time. I experimented with various other distributions settling for a time on Debian. The commitment to free and open source software maintained by the Debian project aligned very well with my views. I did some more experimenting before settling on Fedora for its commitment to free and open source software, timely updates and the unique relationship it has to RedHat Enterprise Linux and other versions of Linux in use in an enterprise capacity. My time at RIT has drawn me further into the free and open source software community and I love the spirit of openness and collaboration for the good of the community that is present in the world of free and open source software.

I hope to deepen my involvement in FOSS moving forward and possibly become a more active contributor to the FOSS community. The value that FOSS has added to my life is immeasurable and for that I am very grateful.

Written on April 11, 2018